Spring Woodworking Projects for the Garden

Beginner Woodworking Projects

Create a Beautiful Yard and Garden with These Beginner Woodworker Project Ideas for Spring

Spring is here! The weather is so beautiful this time of year. It’s the perfect time to get outside to practice your craft. Spruce up a boring yard or garden area with a few of these handmade beginner woodworking craft ideas for the garden. We are here to inspire! We hope you enjoy these projects and learn some valuable woodworking skills at the same time.

Planter Boxes

Build some simple tables with sides for your deck or patio. Use them to hold your seedlings and potted plants. Practice woodworking skills, like creating braces or hinges while you create a useful place to keep your plants up high enough to reach without stooping down or bending over. Planter boxes are also great for keeping plants out of your pets’ reach!


Birdhouses are fun and easy to build. They can be made in an endless array of styles. They attract beautiful birds to your yard and brighten up dull places. Create several styles to practice your measuring, squaring, nailing, and finishing skills. Throw in some dryer lint to inspire birds to nest in your beautiful handmade birdhouses.

Gardening Bench

Every gardener needs a place to sow seeds, separate small plants, create garden layouts, and store their smaller gardening supplies. Building a gardening work bench for yourself can be very rewarding. You can use it for so many years and keep all of your gardening tools organized. Paint it with exciting spring colors and customize the shelves, pegs and hooks to meet your specific needs. You’ll adore having a gardening bench that you made and it’s sure to make your gardening chores more enjoyable.

Shaker Step Stool

A shaker style step stool is useful in so many ways. Use it to achieve the height that you need to secure climbing vines to higher places. Use it for kneeling, getting supplies off of shelves, or simply as an eclectic way to display your potted plants. Step stools can also be used all over the house and last you for many years.


Build trellises for your tomatoes and beans. Get creative with the styles and paint them various attractive colors. Do a good job and you can reuse your trellises year after year. These are not only necessary for growing certain plants, but they also save space and add a dash of color to your garden. Get rid of those flimsy cages and build some trellises of your own.


If you want to work on a larger scale project for the yard, consider an arbor. You can use your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind garden accent that provides shade and a climbing surface for your flowers.

Garden Tools Box

Build yourself an old fashioned tool box for carrying your garden tools from the shed to the garden. Use a wide diameter wood dowel for a handle and scrap wood for the body. Put in whatever sectioning you would like and practice your woodworking skills on this easy beginner woodworking project.

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