Project Ideas for Woodworkers: Upgrading your Deck

deck with curtainThe upcoming warm, sunny days of Spring have many woodworkers contemplating their next woodworking project. Spring is the perfect time of year to upgrade outdoor living spaces such as your deck or patio to make them more inviting. Here we have compiled a few deck update project ideas that are perfect for the Spring weather:

Built-in seating: Replacing standard railing with bench seating makes your deck accommodating to larger groups without taking up additional space. Benches can be built with or without backs. Add brightly colored throw pillows for comfortable and attractive seating during outdoor get togethers.

Plant stands or hangers: Flowers and foliage bring outdoor spaces to life and create a softer look. Plant stands or hangers are relatively simple to build, and make good projects for beginner woodworkers. They can be stained to match the tone of the deck or painted to create vibrant outdoor color schemes.

Ledges: If your deck has a standard railing that you are not planning to convert into seating, consider adding a ledge to the top of the rail. Creating a ledge gives a deck a more substantial look while creating surface area for sitting drinks or displaying potted plants.

Add shade with a wooden pergola. Create shade using lattice, or use overhead rods or boards for fabric drapery to create a softer ambiance.

Embellish railings: A deck upgrade can be a simple as adding decorative touches to the railing. Spindles or balls for deck railings are available in all shapes and sizes, or you can create your own in the woodshop. Another way to upgrade railings is to replace wooden rails with decorative wrought iron.

Tall posts and curtain rods: Bringing the feeling of the indoors outside is a popular concept among designers and homeowners. Pillows, rugs and fabrics such as curtains extending around the perimeter of the deck makes an outdoor space cozy and inviting. Adding tall posts with curtain rods around the deck is a versatile way to update your deck for the Spring. Curtains may be opened or closed to allow for shade and privacy as desired.

Spending times outdoors is one of the best parts of the Spring season. When planning a deck upgrade project, be sure to consider the climate and insect conditions in your area when choosing the type of wood and finish to use. We hope you find these ideas helpful in getting the ideas flowing for your next woodworking project!

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