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All Fun and Games: Toy and Game Woodworking Ideas

wood toy carToys and games can be fun projects for woodworkers, and they make thoughtful, unique gifts for both children and adults. In a kids’ world of brightly colored plastic, nothing beats a beautiful, high quality handmade wooden toy. Check out these 5 toy and game ideas for woodworking projects:

Board Game Pieces: Whether you’re starting from scratch and making a board game, or personalizing an existing board game with wooden play pieces, the options are endless for creating fun game pieces. A wide variety of small wooden people can be purchased from wood product stores, and painted or stained in different colors for your game of choice. Or, you can use mini bowling pin shaped wood pieces for simpler pieces.

Soapbox Car: Soapbox cars make great handmade gifts for children, especially those who seem to have everything. Building a wooden car is also an opportunity to have kids join in on the fun. They can help build the cars, or add their own final touches with paint and stickers. Soapbox cars were traditionally built from soapboxes, but you can use any scrap wood you have around and even make a larger version of the traditional soapbox car. Check out our wood wheels, wood headlights and wood steering wheels. Read the rest of this entry »

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Long Lasting Wood Finishes

wood finishesWhether you are refinishing an old piece of furniture or completing a new woodworking project, using a durable wood finish will help protect your piece and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. There are plenty of options for finishing wood projects, and each has its own characteristics. Varnish and lacquer surface coatings are highly durable for long lasting results. Waxes and oils, on the other hand, create beautiful finishes but do not provide the long lasting protection and durability you may want for certain projects.

Varnish gives a wood piece long lasting protection and scratch resistance due to the presence of strong resins. Varnishes are superior to most other finishes in their ability to resist water, chemicals and heat. Read the rest of this entry »

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Home Organization Projects for Woodworkers

Whether you are inspired by pure necessity or simply have an itch to get started a new woodworking project, there are countless ways to customize your home’s organization. Consider the following projects to create storage space and streamline your home:

  • Built in Shelving: Installing built in shelving adds character as well as tons of storage to a home. The feasibility of adding built ins depends on the layout of the room. These shelves are perfect for TVs, books, artwork and collectibles. Built in shelves can also make a room look larger by eliminating the need for certain bulky furniture.
  • Extra Closet Shelf: Most bedroom and coat closets are designed with a single shelf above a rod that holds hanging clothes. Adding a second shelf is a great way to utilize the often unused vertical space above the original shelf. This relatively simple project can help you organize the closet and create additional storage space with added accessibility.
  • Toy Box: Every parent knows that toys can take over a room at the speed of light. A toy box creates a place for toys to be stored out of sight, while keeping them easily accessible to children. Building a toy box is a fun project because you can experiment with creative paint colors or themes and add children’s names for a personal touch. If you are creating a toy box with a closing lid, use hinges that do not slam shut for the safety of young children.
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