Christmas Paper Towel Dispenser

Although a considerable amount of time is often spent in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner, it’s often the family room, living room or den that is most heavily decorated with holiday embellishments. There are subtle ways to bring Christmas into your kitchen, however. Seasonal dishcloths, holiday-scented candles and poinsettias are just a few ways to add some Christmas cheer. Here is an idea for crafting a very simple Christmas paper towel dispenser.

Start by gathering a small block of wood to use as the dispenser’s base, dowel rod (thick enough to support a roll of paper towels, but small enough to fit inside the inner cardboard roll), sandpaper, paint (holiday colors would be most appropriate, although it can be painted any way you wish) and a paintbrush, a drill and possibly a saw (if you decide to use a wooden base that‘s not a standard shape), wood glue, and an unpainted wooden Christmas design available at craft stores. The wooden Christmas designs can be large enough to use as a stand alone attachment or can be smaller designs, such as gingerbread men or bells, such that several can be used together to achieve a complete motif.

Start by cutting the wooden base to the size and shape you desire. Typically they are rounded to accommodate the round shape of a paper towel roll. However, if large enough to support a roll of paper towels at its fullest, the base could be any shape you desire, including those most closely associated with Christmas, like bells, sleighs, bows or a Christmas tree. If you deviate from the typical rounded bottom, you can use stencils or even freehand to create the design you wish to make.

Carefully use a skill saw to cut out the design. Use the sand paper to smooth the edges. Then use the saw to cut the wood dowel to the appropriate length, which generally is around 11 or 12 inches long.

Determine at which point the wooden base is wide enough to accommodate a full roll of paper towels, as well as the measurement of the dowel at its widest point. Use a pencil to mark the center point of the wooden base, then drill a hole in which to insert the dowel upright.

Next, paint the hardwood dowel, base and the unfinished Christmas design(s), and allow them to dry.

Once all the items are dry, place a small amount of wood glue in the drilled hole of the wooden base and place the dowel into the hole. While this is drying, use the wood glue (or a hot glue gun if you desire) to strategically apply the Christmas designs. Allow all of the pieces to dry.

There are no limits or right or wrong way to complete this project. Use your imagination, be creative and have fun!

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