Dowel Use for Closet Organization

Spring is just around the corner, and that means spring cleaning is, too! Frequently, closets are the catch-all for excess and general disorganization. Conveniently, they hide items from view, except to the one whose items are kept there. To them, the mere knowledge of a disorganized closet is often a source of frustration. Take control of your closet calamities! These are just a few ideas about how you can use perhaps the simplest of woodworking materials, a wooden dowel, to improve and better organize closets.

Carefully examine the articles of clothing, including shirts, blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, and jackets, and shoes within closets. Donate or give away clothing that no longer fits or clothing which hasn’t been worn in at least two years. This step alone will free up much needed closet space and will contribute to the overall organization of your closets.

Once some added space has been gained through purging, use basic woodworking skills and supplies to construct simple items to better organize your closets. For instance, construct a shoe rack to have a suitable place for shoe storage, creating both easy access and floor space in your closet.

Often times, there is considerable space between the bottom of hanging clothes and the closet floor. This is especially true of closets which may contain extra small adult clothing or clothing for young children. Take advantage of this extra space by mounting a sturdy wood dowel of appropriate length to the inner walls of the closet and instantly double your hanging capacity.

Depending upon the size of the closets you may be organizing, consider mounting several steadily supported dowel rods for extra storage. Make use of these dowels in a bedroom closet, and free up hangers for other use, by draping permanent press pants over them. Or, use them in a linen closet for additional storage of bath towels, hand towels or washcloths. Several smaller dowels may be mounted to hold lighter items, such as ties, belts or suspenders.

If your laundry room is small, perhaps not exceeding the dimensions of a small closet, consider using the space above your washer and dryer for additional storage. Add a hefty wood dowel for storage of hanging items which have recently been removed from the dryer or have been ironed. If space permits, consider using wood dowels to construct a simple, but useful drying rack for items which are damp or for delicates which require air drying.

In the absence of a filing cabinet or other commonly used filing system, paperwork sometimes spills over into closets. Consider adapting the storage shelves frequently found at the top of closets by using small wooden dowels. Depending upon the bulk of the files you will be storing, determine the appropriate dowel dimensions you will need, as well as the appropriate width between them. Then, align and secure two dowels depth-wise onto the closet shelf. File your important papers according to subject matter by using standard file folders, using the closet dowels as both file support and separators.

Finally, when your closet organization efforts are complete, consider using wooden dowels to replace outdated or damaged closet doors. Use fashionable drapes or a bulky material to accent room decor and also chicly disguise your closets or other storage spaces.

With a little ingenuity, there are many ways to organize your closets using hardwood dowel. Use this simple woodworking supply to transform and better organize your home.

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